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UControl Weight

UControl Gewicht

After installation via iTunes, start the app on your iPhone or Android device.



†††††††††††† You will see the following screen:

1. Click the Start button.

Thatís all !

Confirm your input by tapping on the green V-button at the bottom of the screen. Your diet parameters will be calculated using medical algorithms. The first 3 days of the program are used to check if your input was correct, especially regarding Job-physical activity level.

Tap the UControl logo on your device

to load the app.

Tap the pulsating logo
to start the app.

Use this button to enter what you eat.

Use this button to enter physical activities / sport.

Tap these buttons to go to the Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Snack screen.

This is how to initialize the UControl app

Manually enter Calories for food items that do not appear in the shops.

User manual

WeightCoach Main Menu & functions

2. Select your preferred Language and Units.

3. To edit the numbers, tap on any of the white texts.


Enter the correct numbers using the arrow keys that will appear.


Confirm by tapping the green V-button.

! Job physical activity
††† is defined as:

Light: <25% of the time light physical activity.


Medium: 25-40% of the time physical activity.


Heavy: Lots of physical activity during most of the working hours, or Daily sporting.

The app has 4 screens with food-item buttons:


Breakfast shop

Lunch shop

Dinner shop

Snack shop


Depending on the time of day, the app will go to one of these shops. You can navigate between the shops by simply swiping left or right.

The app will go to the timeslot that corresponds with the current clock time.


Change the timeslot by tapping the timeslot label.

The Calories you already entered for this time slot.

The Calories you are entering now.
These Calories are saved to the database when you leave

this screen.

The traffic lights turn red

when you should stop eating
†in the selected time slot.

A yellow light means that

you are within 50-70 Calories of your limit for this time slot.

Select the food icon that is most similar to what you have eaten.


Please remember:

If you eat a very large portion,

then tap the icon twice.

Enter any physical activity

(except daily job-related physical activity)

using this screen.


Use the number keys to enter the amount of Calories burned, e.g. as displayed on an exercise machine in the gym.


Tap the icon keys to enter 15 minutes of the indicated activity. Tap several times to increase the duration.

(Calories burned at these activities are calculated for your body weight)

UControl-app physical activities screen | List screen

UControl-app Coach messages


The app has a built-in Coach

to support, advice, help and motivate you in
achieving your weight goal.


Messages are personal, and based on the data you enter.


The Coach advises you on:

Fluid intake
Physical activity
Eating habits

Functions of the app
and many other topics...

The message bar provides useful information about:
the app
useful links

tips & tricks

Use the List screen to view your entries of today.


If you made incorrect entries,
tap the incorrect item
and confirm YES in the pop-up,
to delete that entry.

In case you reinstall the app (e.g. on a new device) you can restore the backup

(if you made one).

To correct your entries,

tap the list at the bottom of the screen.


The C-button deletes your most recent entries as long as they are not saved.